Image to me is an important thing, The way you dress is even more important. I love to change my style always and try out different things and just not have a boring approach to style.  Many people say Kenyan men dont know how to dress up or need help. I do somewhat agree. Check out these common men mistakes  I have seen guys make.

1. Oversized Suits

Or just oversized anything for that matter. It seems to me that most guys are wearing a size or two too big for them.

Larger clothing does not communicate whatever you think it does (power, masculinity, extreme weight loss?), it only ends up making you look small and sloppy.

2. Bad Trouser Breaks

This is pretty much enemy number one for guys who think they have style across the country. Yes, those are some pretty fly chinos you’ve got on, but have you seen that pooling around your ankles? You look like a military midget.

Get thyself to a tailor and have him give your trousers a slight break – only the smallest of folds at the front of the trousers and reaching halfway down the back of your shoe heel.


3. Square Toe Shoes

I like to think that when it comes to fashion or just style in general, no item is ever truly out of the game. But in the case of the square toe shoe, I think it’s safe to say we’ve put the nail in that coffin for good. Because, hey, guess what? Your feet aren’t square are they? So your shoes shouldn’t be either.

4. Untucked Office Shirts

This is the plague at any university town. It’s pretty much the definition of a ‘boy’ look – just take your usual office dress shirt, leave it untucked and combine it with a pair of jeans, then head straight on out to get hammered.

No, just no!. All this communicates to people is that you either don’t know how to dress yourself or you just don’t care about how you dress. Neither of which are going to help you on a night out.


IMG_7643b_Fotor IMG_7780

There is something about dressing up that gives you a new attitude. I feel happy, I feel unstoppable. Just the kind of energy you need to start the week.


Printed long leeved shirt: Sir Henry’s (Junction Mall)
Jeans: H&M
Belt: Maasai Market (Junction mall)
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Black Laced Richelieu Shoes : Jumia Kenya
Photography by Murash Media Production