screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-13-22-57You already know that women are looking at your shoes and making assumptions about you, right? well at least thats what they say lol. According to some surveys, they’re not just judging your fashion sense. Over half of them are judging your personality based just on your shoes. (something I read on Menshealth)  And it’s not just women. Men do the same thing. If you want proof that style can speak volumes, take a look at the shoes of the next guy you meet.


Well this post is about shoes, as you would have guessed by now. Designing and selling of men’s casual shoes including sneakers and sandals; Fashion sneakers, running shoes, sandals, casual brogues is what SWAVE is all about. but today we will highlight on The gossy sneakers by SWAVE

You get more than your money’s worth here. Just came in the mail and they are so comfy and fit perfect. They are designed to carry you around with the best style and fashion that you need. The good part of the shoes is that they will fit into whatever outfit that you wear, so no need of worrying about throwing your closet away.




Make a statement with The Gossy!

Here’s what you get when you order the awesome sneaker:

  • Vegetable tanned,full grain leather upper.This is the highest quality of leather and the only one that looks better with age.Extremely long lasting and comfy
  • Memory foam insole- sensitive to pressure and temperature. Molds and learns the form of your foot with every step you take for unbelievable comfort
  • Inside fully lined with luxurious leather so you can go without socks.No smelly feet
  • Fully natural rubber sole(no synthetic material)-extremely long lasting and flexible.Great for comfort.
  • High Grade canvas on the side-Doesn’t fade with regular wash,is wear ,tear and UV resistant.
  • Fully leather shoe laces-great aesthetics,easy to clean,durable and classy.
  • Sneaker comes with free cleaning kit(brush,nourisher and cleaner for the leather).

Trendy designs at an affordable price of Kshs 4,000/- only. You can order yours at (free shipping)