They say that life is a journey; and I am no exception. Mine has been a journey of exploration, of learning…of growth.

Most of you know me/have known me as ‘Kenyan Stylista;’ a fashion blogger…sharing insights on men’s fashion. It is here that my love for men’s fashion developed into a business. ‘Suits by KenyanStylista’, a tailor made suit service which was also responsible for my disappearance…no complaints though! And you my dear reader, my audience have been there to support me along the way, gracing my works with your audience…I appreciate you all!

Life is made beautiful by diversity, and this new season brings such diversity to the blog. We shall journey together into the man’s world; from featuring upcoming and already established men designers from all over Kenya and the world in general, exploring interior design from a man’s perspective, to discovering travel destinations. Sharing what I have learnt while building my business, and with your participation, the list is endless!

So I also invite you to journey with me, share your new insights as with the new day comes new strength and new thoughts – Eleanor Roosevelt. There is beauty in diversity…..let’s enjoy it! – Franklin Saiyalel.