Made to measure suits



Our wide-ranging Made-to-Measure program blends expert tailoring with the distinct needs of the customer. Browse a portfolio of fabrics, hand-selected by our very own designer, Frankie and find exclusive patterns and colours that will capture your attention.

There are a variety of collars, cuffs, lapel styles and pocketing to help you create a garment that is one-of-a-kind. This personalised service is part of the Kenyan Stylista experience and will be worth every penny. Book your appointment today by calling +254 708 994 525 or by sending an email to



1. What should I expect during my first appointment?

We will take your measurements, walk you through our selection of high quality fabrics and give you advice on customisation and styling.

2. How long is an appointment?

Most sessions last about 25-30 minutes, but some may take longer depending on your needs.

3. Can I come with a friend or group? How about a wedding party?

We are happy to accommodate groups – it’s a great way to outfit your wedding party all in one go. Please book consecutive appointments for each person in your group to secure a time that’s convenient for you and them.

4. How long will it take to receive my order?

Normally after your measurements we require a 60% deposit to begin the process immediately.

The suit will be ready for the first fitting in 10 days. If there are any adjustments after the first fitting it will take 3 more days. A total of 13 days roughly

 Some of our work 

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