This years CBA Concours dress code is Royalty. Whenever I think of royalty I think of tea parties and fascinators plus suit, Dont ask me why.and what better way to get your best outfit ready!

Now for the ladies when it comes to wearing a fascinator there are some ettiquette rules. Yes, there are etiquette rules for wearing any type of hats or fascinators. Please remember that others cannot see through your fabulous headwear, so out of kindness for others who may want to watch the goings-on, do not wear a fascinator at the movie theater, or any occasion with stadium seating.


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Diana Opoti of 100 Days of African Fashion 

  • Back comb or tease the hair slightly on the side of the head upon which you intend to place your fascinator. This provides a stronger and thicker base on which the fascinator comb can grip.
  • Push the comb slightly in the opposite direction before you slide it into place. This picks up more hairs and weaves them between the comb’s teeth, ensuring a firmer grip.
  • Spray hairspray onto the area around the comb, avoiding spraying the fascinator itself. This will help the comb and hair stick together.
  • If necessary, place a few hairpins to strategically hold the comb in place.What to wear

    When it comes to dressing to Concours, I like to think of it like dressing to the races or Ascot.Whether you’re a girly girl, a more quirky type or a tomboy at heart you have to have the perfect outfit to ensure you’re first past the post when it comes to style.

    A trip to the races or Concours is the ideal opportunity to don an elegant summer frock and pretty heels. Below are some Ideas I gathered up to guide you.

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