Adding one suit to your wardrobe that is wedding, drinks & party ready is worth the investment — so go with an aubergine that can pull triple duty. Over the past few years the aubergine suit has been a red carpet staple & even if you’re not accepting any awards, the deep saturated suit is a an unexpected flash of style. Here are 3 ways you can wear it . As inspired by Men style pro 


A Little Business


An aubergine suit may not work in the traditional corporate environment but, with a few tweaks you could crush the office and then head to an event afterwards (the latter might not happen, maybe you could crash one).


  • Opt for a mini check or a blue & white bengal striped shirt. A stark white shirt is too formal
  • Adding a tie keep gives this look more personality and adds a casual vibe. Stripes are optional, but, their a well-received suggestion

    Pattern Play


You’re taking a style risk by rocking a aubergine suit, so don’t be afraid to add more flash with a micro pattern shirt/floral shirt. Why do micro patterns work? From far away, the pattern looks solid and they’re not too “in your face”.

  • This look is great for an evening party, so ditch the tie
  • Colors are key. Navy, tan, oliver green & red should be your go to choices
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Somewhat Groovy

Take a cue for the 70’s and rock a turtleneck sweater with this suit. The sweater is a neutral contrast to the rich aubergine of the suit and complements the buttons and shoes almost perfectly.



  • Maximalism is key! Go all the way and add some gold accessories to this look (i.e., gold watch).
  • A pair of blonde tortoise shades keeps the look sleek and festive without being ”costumey”screen-shot-2016-12-16-at-08-09-18
  • Special thanks to DARI Restaurant  for the location and oh my God!! they got the best french toasts!! lolAlways a pleasure shooting with Tatiana Karanja

    Post inspired by Men style pro