My story is probably similar to many others, I’m sure. I’m not quite clear of my acne yet, but it’s really getting much better. When I started high school, that’s when I started to break out in pimples, especially on on my back too. During that time, from O levels to my A-levels, I was using the St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub and anything I could get my hands on at pharmacies. I thought these products were helping my extremely sensitive skin but really, they were exacerbating its sensitivity. I researched online and came to the conclusion that I have acne. So I went to the doctor. She told me to go to a dermatologist. She prescribed some kind of cream that never helped. I decided that I couldn’t keep paying for prescription creams for the rest of my life when I knew they weren’t going to work. For a few years after, my skin was pretty much perfect- except for my back. Now, 6 years after, right around the time they say to go back and get “touch-up” treatments, I have not had any break out in a while now but the acne left scars all over my back.
A friend of Mine told me about Adara Cosmedics and the different treatments they do. so I scheduled an appointment with them and got to learn more. So after assessing me they concluded that the Skin rejuvenation treatment will help with clearing of the scars. So what skin rejuvenation entails is treating the acne using laser technic.
Laser Acne Treatment is directed towards shrinking the sebaceous gland and destroying the P.Acne bacteria that reside there, utilizing both heat generated by the laser source, and photo-activation (activation by light) of a natural protoporphyrin within the bacteria.



  1. Acne contains the natural photosensitizer, Protoporphyrin IX (PpIX). When activated by light, it produces a phototoxin that kills the bacteria where it resides.

Note: Laser machines produce both heat and light.


The Machines used for the laser acne treatment 

After a few laser acne treatment sessions, there will be a noticeable improvement in the skin with reduction and clearing of the acne pimples and scars.

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